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What you Love about Christmas?….

Welcome to our December Christmas Blog!!

So something a bit different in our blog this month! – By way of trying to spread some smiles and learning a little more about the amazing team at our physio clinics, here is a snippet of what they enjoy most about Christmas…

So here we are!  Let’s get started!       

Chris & Lorna Short


“We were both brought up on Carols and Carol services and these remain a favourite with us – especially some of the more obscure ones.  (Look up Marvellous Birth by Bob Chilcott) our days of singing descants may be well and truly over, but we do love a good descant!”

Lisa Lees – Physiotherapist

“One of the things I love most about Christmas, is that it is the perfect excuse to go shopping!”

Elizabeth Griggs – Physiotherapist

“For me, there’s nothing more Christmassy than a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie with friends and family! I also love all the sparkling lights and decorations that brighten everywhere up!”

Mark Breitschadel – Physiotherapist

“I’m looking forward to wintery walks with my dog”

Anna Schratz – Physiotherapist

“We love dressing up at Christmas… some of us more than others!”

Charlotte King – Physiotherapist

“I always look forward to food & family!”

Ania Williamson – Physiotherapist

“Christmas horsing around with pals & Razzle Dazzle!”

Tammy Fleming – Massage Therapist

“Looking forward to a fun Christmas with my gorgeous fur baby!”

Lucy Langford – Physiotherapist

“Looking forward to a mince pie”

Emma Bayley – Physiotherapist

“The Elves have been keeping us busy in the Bayley Household! Every night they get up to mischief. Some patients have given me great ideas for them.”

Gemma Adams – Physiotherapist

“These little Christmas Crackers are going to make our Christmas extra fun this year!”

Gillian Campbell – Physiotherapist

“Looking forward to snowy Derbyshire rides with my family at Christmas!”

Hayley Sheard – Massage Therapist

“I’m looking forward to cosy Christmas fires with a Baileys hot chocolate or two!”

Rowena Woodhall – Lead Receptionist

“I love everything about Christmas and at the heart of it is my family. I still continue some of my own family traditions. Cheers to everyone and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.”

Martie Roome – Receptionist

“Looking forward to relaxing with friends & family”

Diane Jones  – Receptionist

“My favourite part of Christmas is sitting around the table with family pulling crackers before eating dinner”

Melissa Brooks – Accounts/Administrator

“I love spending quality time with my horse’s & long winter walks

 with my partner”

Wishing all our patients a


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