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Access Statement

Access Statement

Ashbourne and Hilton Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centres are committed to providing access to treatment for all and the premises have been designed to accommodate wheelchair users and those with a variety of access difficulties.

Both centres have free easy parking directly outside the premises and designated spaces for those with disabilities and blue badges.

Treatments are provided principally on the ground floor. At Ashbourne there are first floor treatment rooms but ground floor can be accommodated if the patient finds stairs difficult.

Both Centres have tethers to secure cycles outside.

There is a doorbell to attract attention on arrival if there are difficulties encountered with the main door and the door at Hilton does have a mechanised opening with push pad access.

The ground floor at both centres gives full access for wheelchair users and the toilet is fully equipped to aid those with disabilities.

Alarm systems including the fire system allow for those with visual or hearing difficulties.

Exercise sheets and other information can be provided in larger print as required.

When clients book an appointment, reception staff can answer any queries or concerns that may arise around access at the clinic.

We welcome comments from clients if there are aspects of access which have been overlooked please contact our Practice Manager if you would like to discuss any aspect.

Lorna Short
April 2022

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