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What We Treat

Types of conditions we treat at our centre

Achilles Tendon Problems

Pain behind the heel often caused by overuse and/or poor foot position or foot wear.  Often involves disorganisation of the fibres within the tendon and is managed with specific exercises to stimulate remodelling within the tendon.


This is wear and tear of joint surfaces that can cause swelling and pain in varying degrees.

Back Pain

Wow, this is something we treat all the time and there can be numerous causes of back pain.   The key is to recognise that each case is unique and will need an individual approach for the correct advice, exercises or manual treatment.   Very rarely is back pain a serious problem and, with help, will usually resolve within 3 months.


Dizziness is a complex speciality.  It is worth thinking which of these words suits your symptoms best; unsteady, disorientated, unbalanced, light-headed or vertigo.  Vertigo is described as the sensation of motion or movement when you shouldn’t have it.

Frozen Shoulder

A tightening of the shoulder joint capsule that reduces motion in ALL directions with persistent pain especially at night.

Fracture and dislocation rehabilitation

Once a broken bone or dislocated joint has healed rehabilitation can commence. Exercises, pain relief and mobilisations will assist getting back to the normal activities of daily living.

Golfer's Elbow

Pain localised on the inside of the elbow joint associated with overuse activities.

Groin Strain

Overstretching of the tendons in the upper/inner thigh.

Headaches arising from neck problems

Some muscular tensions in the neck give rise to specific headaches.  Joint stiffness in the upper vertebral levels can also produce headaches.


Difficulty controlling the bladder or bowel.  Sometimes causing leaks.  Sometimes just needing to rush to the toilet more often than you would like.

Knee cap/patellar pain

Sometimes wear and tear behind the kneecap can cause discomfort on exercise or rest.  Occasionally foot position or changes in muscle activity can aggravate symptoms.

Leg pain and pins and needles

Sometimes pain and parasthesia (pins and needles) can refer from a back problem, Occasionally this is nerve irritation from bone, disc, joint or muscular origins.

Ligament strains - Knee

Localised trauma to one or more ligaments in the knee causing inflammation/pain.

Muscle Spasm

Tightness in the muscle often caused by overuse, tension or poor posture.

Nerve root irritation

Commonly experienced as pain, pins and needles or numbness “in a line” following the route of a nerve.

Osgood Schlatters

This is a pain localised to the knee.  It is associated with increased activity when growing, causing irritation of the growth plate.

Pelvic Health Conditions

Bladder or bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse which can feel achy or painful but sometimes just feels “different down there”.

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain under the heel and sometimes in the arch of the foot often caused by overuse and/or poor biomechanics.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

A specific exercised based programme to help you get back to full function after your operation.

Postural muscle tensions

Muscles that support our body rather than move it can fatigue if overworked or used in an abnormal position.  They often feel stiff and sore.

Rib pain

Pain overlying or between the ribs.  It may radiate around the chest wall.

Rotator Cuff Problems

A group of 4 muscles around the shoulder make up the rotator cuff, dysfunction or injury to any of these muscles can cause shoulder pain and is referred to as a rotator cuff problem.

Sacroiliac strains or dysfunctions

Very occasionally, pelvic joint can be come strained or stiffen, often associated with hormonal changes in pregnancy.


Pain specific to the back/outer aspect of the leg, sometimes as far as the ankle/foot.

Shoulder capsulitis

See ‘Frozen Shoulder’.

"Slipped discs"

Misleading disused terminology now described as disc bulge or prolapse.  Common finding on MRI scans often without symptoms but occasionally touching on nerves to create pain.

Sprains and Strains

Overstretching or occasional tearing of muscles

Stress incontinence

Leaking urine when jumping, running, lifting, coughing or sneezing.


Misleading disused terminology now as most are not inflammatory.  Should be called tendinopathy and refers to painful, sometimes swollen areas within any tendon.

Tennis elbow

An overuse injury causing pain in the outside of the elbow.

"Trapped nerves"

Term often used to describe when nerves have become irritated by tension in the tissues around them causing pain, pins and needles or numbness along the path of the nerve.  Only very occasionally is the nerve actually trapped.


Symptoms following an incident where the head or body has jerked violently, occasionally, there is soft muscular tissue injury, but usually a muscular spasm reaction that stiffens movement and causes discomfort.

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What our customers say

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“A breath of fresh air’, wonderfully professional, and giving thoughtful expert advice, even on subjects not necessarily linked to the health problem being addressed; beyond the call of duty and nothing like what I had previously experienced locally.”


“As always kind caring really encouraging and understanding my arthritic problems.”


“Highly professional, in depth expertise, wonderful manner and engagement.”


“Ridiculously knowledgeable and helpful, I learn so much about my own body at every appointment.”


“I was treated in a very friendly and professional way, my therapist was respectful and made me feel at ease, she listened carefully and discussed my treatment and any questions I had in an understanding way.”


“Always listens and acts on my issues whilst ensuring I continue to make progress.”


“The appointment is always on time and runs smoothly and I am made to feel comfortable throughout; I feel I can trust the advice I am being given and know I am in safe hands.”


“I felt well attended to and every concern of mine was taken into consideration.”


“Provides me with motivation, positivity and involvement.”


“I was apprehensive but also so ready for this appointment! I was listened to whilst also having mini discussions through my assessment. My physio gave me clear instructions and demonstrated what I could do to help myself and the physio process. She explained all she was doing with my back/shoulder/neck asking me frequently how the area felt. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.”


“The appointment was very reassuring and helpful, giving me the confidence to resume my exercises and physical activities which mean so much to me.”


“Worthwhile consultation with knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapist, area of weakness identified and appropriate exercises given at time of appointment and followed up with additional information as promised via email same day.”


“I appreciate the consistency of care from being able to see the same person each visit rather than explaining things to different people each visit. I have always received excellent support and communication from my physio.”


“Reception is the best and most professional in the area, as I felt very comfortable and safe making and attending appointments.”


“Your reception team are doing a brilliant job and I as a disabled person with a lot of health problems feel 100% safe within the building.”


“I would certainly recommend you to anyone struggling with any muscular or skeletal problems etc . You have been the biggest help to me for many years Thankyou ….....”


“A very friendly professional service from all staff. Well organised appointment system, nothing is too much trouble. Everything is sparkling clean and I have no worries about cross infection from COVID . They make me feel so much better.”


“I am new to the practice and everything so far has been very impressive – telephone booking, online forms, appointment and care during it, and now the focus of this questionnaire. Thank-you.”


“All the reception staff are lovely and always so helpful. The facilities are always spotless and I have felt very safe coming to physio since covid-19,wearing a mask & using the gels especially being in the venerable category. Everything has always been first class from entering the building, physio & reflexology/aromatherapy treatments. Can’t fault it so thank you🙂.”


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