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Supporting Young People with Pain or Disability

Do you know a young person who struggles with

pain or disability

from a

musculoskeletal problem?

This might result in difficulties accessing and continuing in Further Education or Employment.

We could help them by all increasing our awareness of the problems and supporting with understanding where we can.

A new toolkit from the British Institute of Rheumatology which has been published for Employers and Further education institutions has something to teach us all – look at the facts…

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Please see the link below for further information

Link to the whole article  

MSK_Health_Toolkit_for_employers_and_further_education_institutions.pdf (

It is crucial to create an environment – whether that be university, school or the workplace – which prevents MSK conditions from developing and allows people who are living with MSK conditions to meet their full potential.

“Not only does it allow people to thrive and succeed, but it limits the impact that MSK conditions have on our ability to live life exactly how we want to. Ultimately, MSK conditions should not dictate what we want to learn, study or practise and that is why this toolkit is vital for employers and educators to consider. – Jasmine Davey, young person living with an MSK condition

Success! – a feeling, an experience and accomplishment we all long for in some sense, and often what we search for within education or careers.

Finding the right environments for success for young people with an MSK condition can be a challenge, but taking the time to address personal needs, adapting to the surroundings and welcoming conversation only opens doors for them to THRIVE regardless of the difficulties they may be facing.

The drive and commitment from young people with these conditions must be accompanied by the dedication from employers and higher education providers to participate in honest conversation about the needs of their employees, understanding how drastically daily life with MSK conditions can change and provide equal opportunity to succeed.

The guarantee of this will only encourage young people to find their passions, be fruitful in their roles within companies and flourish as individuals. – Georgia Bishop, young person living with an MSK condition

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At Ashbourne and Hilton Physio Centres we work closely with other healthcare professionals, local GP’s and consultants to help to give advice and guidance on how young people can manage their health conditions when related to musculoskeletal problems.

Ashbourne & Hilton Physiotherapy Centres

We provide physiotherapy care for those from school age onwards so do give us a call to arrange an appointment about your needs or encourage a young person in our direction – we will do all we can to support them and can even liaise with Employers and Further Education Establishments if requested.

 Let’s do all we can to give all young people the best start and support in their new place of work or education and assist them to reach their FULL potential whatever their chosen career.

To book an appointment please call:

Ashbourne Centre  01335 344952

  Hilton Centre 01283 777070

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