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Back Pain Treatment In Ashbourne & Hilton

Back Pain

Unfortunately very few of us will get through life without experiencing some type of back pain – in fact statistics for the UK show that 10 million people have back pain in the UK (  The good news is that most cases of back pain completely resolve and there is no permanent damage.

Back pain can take many forms from:

  • Dull aches to sharp spasms
  • From pain localised to the back to pain radiating into the buttock or up towards the neck
  • From pain standing to pain when you sit
  • Back pain is always an inconvenience but in some cases it can take over lives.

This is why each person with back pain needs to be individually assessed by a health professional such as a physiotherapist to tailor a treatment programme specifically to their needs taking into account their underlying fitness, job, hobbies, age and any other health concerns. Often low back pain will resolve without treatment over a few weeks but reassurance from someone who has dealt with similar problems helps movement and confidence to return more quickly. There is never one treatment programme that fits everyone – however good it is!

At Ashbourne and Hilton Physio centres we love guiding you through a programme of treatment to help relieve your pain, restore confident movement and regain your strength and full potential. Our physios have decades of experience treating thousands of backs but we still treat everyone as an individual as we believe this is how to get results and when you feel better we know we’re doing our job.

After assessing how you move, which parts of your spine are and aren’t doing their and establishing where any injured segment might be, we will discount any serious pathology and talk to you about your options for treatment.

Often spinal pains come from a mix of irritated areas and could include:

  • Disc injuries
  • Facet joint irritation
  • Sciatic or Femoral nerve irritation
  • Muscle or ligament sprains 
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postural strains or scoliosis 
  • Sacroiliac irritation
  • Fractures
  • Age related spinal changes – called spondylosis
What our customers say

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See what some of our happy customers have to say about us.

“A breath of fresh air’, wonderfully professional, and giving thoughtful expert advice, even on subjects not necessarily linked to the health problem being addressed; beyond the call of duty and nothing like what I had previously experienced locally.”

“As always kind caring really encouraging and understanding my arthritic problems.”

“Highly professional, in depth expertise, wonderful manner and engagement.”

“Ridiculously knowledgeable and helpful, I learn so much about my own body at every appointment.”

“I was treated in a very friendly and professional way, my therapist was respectful and made me feel at ease, she listened carefully and discussed my treatment and any questions I had in an understanding way.”

“Always listens and acts on my issues whilst ensuring I continue to make progress.”

“The appointment is always on time and runs smoothly and I am made to feel comfortable throughout; I feel I can trust the advice I am being given and know I am in safe hands.”

“I felt well attended to and every concern of mine was taken into consideration.”

“Provides me with motivation, positivity and involvement.”

“I was apprehensive but also so ready for this appointment! I was listened to whilst also having mini discussions through my assessment. My physio gave me clear instructions and demonstrated what I could do to help myself and the physio process. She explained all she was doing with my back/shoulder/neck asking me frequently how the area felt. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.”

“The appointment was very reassuring and helpful, giving me the confidence to resume my exercises and physical activities which mean so much to me.”

“Worthwhile consultation with knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapist, area of weakness identified and appropriate exercises given at time of appointment and followed up with additional information as promised via email same day.”

“I appreciate the consistency of care from being able to see the same person each visit rather than explaining things to different people each visit. I have always received excellent support and communication from my physio.”

“Reception is the best and most professional in the area, as I felt very comfortable and safe making and attending appointments.”

“Your reception team are doing a brilliant job and I as a disabled person with a lot of health problems feel 100% safe within the building.”

“I would certainly recommend you to anyone struggling with any muscular or skeletal problems etc . You have been the biggest help to me for many years Thankyou ….....”

“A very friendly professional service from all staff. Well organised appointment system, nothing is too much trouble. Everything is sparkling clean and I have no worries about cross infection from COVID . They make me feel so much better.”

“I am new to the practice and everything so far has been very impressive – telephone booking, online forms, appointment and care during it, and now the focus of this questionnaire. Thank-you.”

“All the reception staff are lovely and always so helpful. The facilities are always spotless and I have felt very safe coming to physio since covid-19,wearing a mask & using the gels especially being in the venerable category. Everything has always been first class from entering the building, physio & reflexology/aromatherapy treatments. Can’t fault it so thank you🙂.”

Treatment might include a selection from those described below:

  • If pain levels allow, we like to use our manual skills/‘hands on’ treatments to help you to move better where stiffness has set in – this might be by mobilising joints or massaging muscles. We can also work with you to encourage activation of the muscles that have backed off working due to pain. Once we have started this process we can show you how to maintain the movement and muscle strength with simple exercises that you can carry out regularly at home (we will even send you an email showing videos of your exercises along with a chart/diary to monitor how regularly you’ve been able to do them in partnership with ‘rehab my patient’). This is never an ‘off the shelf’ programme, it is designed specifically by your therapist for your problem and situation.
  • We will give you plenty of advice about how to get comfortable at work, sleeping, driving etc and will talk to you about how to get the best out of any painkillers you might be taking. We will talk through with you ways you can keep your fitness while working through this episode of pain.
  • If your pain is severe we can help with electro therapy or sometimes acupuncture and advise on whether heat or cold packs might be beneficial in the short term
  • We know that only around 2% of the problems we see will need an MRI scan as the vast majority of back pain settles with little intervention but we do understand how scary an episode of back pain can be. We ensure there is plenty of time for discussion about your progress and any concerns you have. We don’t have all the answers but research is finding out more every year about back pain and the good news is us humans are generally much more robust than we think we are.
  • There are occasions where an onward referral for further investigations or a surgical opinion is necessary and your physio will discuss with whether this is appropriate for you and your situation at this time. In other situations a referral into a local exercise class may be appropriate and if you think that approach would work for you we can advise on the type of course and have plenty of local links to Pilates, yoga and Tai Chi instructors should you wish to follow this up.

We would be delighted to help you on the road to recovery and there’s nothing we like more than a challenge! We are often asked to see people where previous approaches have not worked. We will never ask you to sign up to a course of treatment and there will certainly never be a hard sell. We will endeavour to give you a realistic estimation of how long recovery will take and we will tell you if we don’t think we can help. For more information give us a ring or look around our website.

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