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Why Rehabilitation is Crucial

How Rehabilitation can help you…

Rehabilitation – an essential element and health strategy to enable the body to regain strength, coordination, dexterity and movement of the body and maximize the body’s ability to overcome its limitations in everyday functioning due to injuries, health conditions and ageing.

Quality of life can be immensely enhanced and improved, helping patients to return to an independent life, assisting with enabling the patient to continue with their passion of sport/hobbies, regain employment, reduce hospital length of stay and prevent readmissions, reduce the cost of caregiver support.

Commencing rehabilitation in the early stages of a health condition will fully utilize the potential health benefits, adapting movement patterns, minimising over compensation of movement, improving overall efficiency of movement and thereby reducing pain levels.

The impact of the inability to go about daily life in a non-restrictive/pain free manner, can be very impactive on the human mind.  The knock on effect of a body that is not reaching its full potential can be very demoralising and lead to mental health problems.

Let’s get moving & improve quality of life!

Here at Ashbourne Physiotherapy and Hilton Physiotherapy Centres, we are passionate about our profession, offering tailored, bespoke care, providing physiotherapy to match the patient’s needs and requirements.

Current health trends are now placing new and heavy demands on the health system and the need for rehabilitation through physiotherapy is rapidly increasing whether this be for post rival symptoms of Covid-19,  a sporting or work related injury or an age related problem.  There is a significant increase in ageing populations, with the number of people over 60 years of age is predicted to double by 2050.  Many people in this age group are very vulnerable to injuries, strokes, degenerative conditions i.e. arthritis, osteoporosis, balance issues, etc and these result in a negative impact on the individuals functioning and are associated with increased levels of disability due to falls, slips and trips for example.
The positive benefits of physiotherapy can significantly improve the patients mobility and function and result in an improved quality of life.
Having worked hard to gain a position where we are Covid secure we are now able to offer both face to face consultations where appropriate along side video/telephone consultations and will of course help you to “regain your FULL potential!”

“Rehabilitation is a highly integrated form of health care that complements other health interventions, such as medical and surgical conditions, helping to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.”

Read a snapshot of our customer testimonials….

“the video exercises plans were a great help to show how to perform the exercises.”

“first rate service”

“Service & treatment were timely & excellent!”

“Fantastic service in challenging times”

“Very professional and knowledgeable”

“Both excellent physio’s caring and supportive”

“Every aspect of your setup was excellent”

“Excellent treatment”

Please call us to book a treatment / assessment to gain your FULL POTENTIAL!

Ashbourne Clinic:  01335 344953

Hilton Clinic:  01283 777070

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