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What are the Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

Let us help you find a solution to those sporting injuries!!

The sun is shining, the weather is dry (generally), how fabulous that we can start to return to our chosen social sports for example, Tennis and Golf!  Many of us have been able to maintain fitness over the last year with alternative exercises such as walking, running and cycling, but even with this, we should consider a gradual return to our chosen activity to steer free of injuries and strains.

Our bodies love exercise, movement and feeling strong and we know how beneficial all sorts of exercises are for our physical and mental health.  Activity in ADL – stay healthy   However, our bodies do need time to adjust to changes in routine and movement patterns.  Sudden spikes in exercise levels as our enthusiasm gets the better of us often leads to disappointment in terms of strains and sprains which could have been avoided.  Unfortunately, but understandably, we are seeing a lot of these types of injuries in our clinics at the moment and are witnessing the frustration of needing to take a few weeks out to recover just as opportunities for our much loved exercise are opening up.

Top 5 Sporting Injuries:


 Back injuries/back pain

 Knee injuries

 Plantar fasciitis/shin splints

 Tennis Elbow


Here are some useful tips for staying out of trouble for Golf enthusiasts:

Golf avoiding injuries

Just a reminder about returning to the gym or any repetitive sport – don’t expect your body to cope with the same weights and intensity that you were completing prior to your break from that exercise.    Training is fairly sport’s specific, so if you’ve been running to keep fit over lockdown, that will certainly help with your return to tennis, but won’t be as effective as actually playing the game/training to keep you fit for a sudden return.  What we are seeing is patients coming in with shoulder and elbow injuries as they return to racket sports, despite having kept up their general fitness over lockdown.

Here is some helpful information on Tennis Elbow:

Elbow advice tennis elbow

So enjoy getting back to the exercise you love, but do it in stages and safely.  Remember that Ashbourne and Hilton Physio Centres are here to help if you have concerns about injuries for advice and treatment (don’t forget we now have Shockwave available for tendon injuries too) and for pre and post exercise massage.

Management & Rehabilitation

Treatment of injuries will be take place once an initial assessment has been completed.  Speak with your physiotherapist and learn new ways to work on core muscle strength, body mechanics and other ways to minimize injuries.

Our physio’s at Ashbourne and Hilton Physiotherapy Centres are experienced in Sports Injuries and offer our patients the appropriate course of treatment according to your needs.

Please call:  Ashbourne:  01335 344952

Hilton:  01283 777070

To book an appointment.

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