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The Menopause

The Menopause

it affects each woman differently; some people sail through it without hardly noticing, but a high percentage will notice the body and moods changing.  By adding small alterations to our lives, we can help ourselves adapt to these physiological changes and learn to cope with this phase of life.

Try Some Cardio Exercise:

Up your exercise regime and increase your heartbeat.  Start easy by walking a little faster, getting out your bike from the garage or join a dance class setting yourself a goal of doing a little more each week.  This will help with muscle loss and weight gain – each side effects of the menopause.


Having a way to relax is important as increased stress and anxiety is often a symptom of the menopause.  Taking a yoga class or trying meditation are great ways to unwind and are said to aid with side effects such as fatigue, irritation and hot flashes.

Strength Training

Osteoporosis is a risk for menopausal and post-menopausal women due to the cessation of oestrogen production.  This means that bones can become more brittle and more prone to breaks.   Try strengthening exercises to build up bone and muscle strength and to increase your metabolism.  Using weights and dumbbells in the gym are a great help.  It is best to follow an exercise plan set up for you by a qualified instructor.

Stay Cool

Hot flashes are a very common side effect of the Menopause.

Try wearing layers – you can then remove or add a layer as your body dictates.

Carry a small battery- operated fan with you.  These are discreet and handy when you are out and about.

Turn down the thermostat at home.  A couple of degrees will make a big difference!

Let your physio know that you are experiencing the menopause when you have your appointment – this may help with the exercises you are given.

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