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Christmas Top Ten Tips

Dec 7, 2020

“Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from all of us at

Ashbourne & Hilton Physiotherapy Centres!!!”


The Christmas break has finally arrived and we all want to make the most of Christmas this year!!

“So how do we avoid those Christmas mishaps & injuries?”

From tight deadlines with work and family commitments, to simply wrapping presents, or putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, we can accidently tweak a muscle or cause a considerable strain to our body in some way!

We are here to help you, whether it’s a massage or physio treatment, our aim is to relieve your pain and assist in helping you regain your FULL POTENTIAL whatever your lifestyle.

“Here are Our Top 10 Tips to help you prevent

 those annoying injuries:-“

But first let us stress that our bodies are generally extremely resilient and almost all minor strains and sprains will heal normally.  Just sometimes they need a little help, but prevention is always the best solution.

Avoid straining, especially getting the turkey out the oven!”   Ask for help, wear long oven gloves and sensible shoes.  Be mindful when decorating the Christmas tree and be careful not to over reach and strain.

Try wrapping presents on an ironing board, either sitting or standing so you can adjust the height.

Don’t ignore pain!  Get help by researching your symptoms – go to the NHS website there may be things you can do to help yourself.  Book an appointment with your doctor or physiotherapist if you are concerned.

Don’t sit for long periods, if you are on a long car journey, remember to stop and stretch your legs, or if you are sat at home, have a game of musical chairs or something to get you moving!

Warm up muscles before exercising and build up SLOWLY.

Vary your workouts.

If you are spending periods of time in front of the TV, vary your seat in the room so you are not always turning your neck in the same direction.

Buy gifts to encourage activity, there are some great board games on the market to get you moving…. and laughing, so perfect to boost mental health as well!

Book an appointment in the New Year at Ashbourne or Hilton Physiotherapy Centres and our fantastic team of physiotherapists and massage therapists are here to help you.

Walk, walk and more walking, physical activity is the best tonic for the body and mind, we were born to move!  So, we hope you have a fantastic, ‘feel good’ Christmas with our Top 10 Tips to keep you fit and health and of course, INJURY FREE!!

And Finally…..

We are excited to announce that we have a winner for our Hamper Competition!!!  We presented our lucky winner with our hamper full of ‘feel good’ products to make this Christmas feel extra special!

Christmas Hamper – Competition Winner


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