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Celebrating 10 Years of what we do best -Hilton Physiotherapy

10 YEARS of doing what we do best!

Helping the people of Hilton and South Derbyshire

get out of PAIN and back to EVERTHING they want to do.

This year we are CELEBRATING 10 years of physiotherapy at our purpose built unit on the Wellbrook Medical Centre site in the centre of Hilton.

Although we’ve been providing physiotherapy services to the people of Hilton for much longer than this, opening our clinic in 2013 was a big milestone for us and meant we could open our doors to private patients alongside our NHS work.

Our Hilton practice works in tandem with our long-established clinic at Ashbourne and several of our staff work over both sites giving a wealth of experience and different treatment approaches at both clinics.

Many of you will know our FANTASTIC Hilton reception team of Rowena, Martie and Diane who have been with us throughout the whole 10 years and provide an invaluable service to patients and staff alike.

Row Woodhall

Martie Roome

Diane Jones

In all we have 7 physiotherapists regularly working at our Hilton branch and their special interests and expertise cover Sports Injuries, Rehabilitation for those with neurological conditions, Back and Neck Specialists, Pelvic Health and Continence, Foot mechanics to name a few – there is loads of information on our website where you can also meet the team and see who does what.

Meet The Team

So, whether it’s a tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, neck strain, sciatica or back pain or your body recovering from pregnancy or an operation, why not give us a ring to see if we can help?

We promise you a thorough assessment face-to-face and an explanation of our findings. We will tell you what is and isn’t wrong and guide you through the options for treatment which will often included ‘hands on’ treatments, will always include exercise advice and a home programme, and may include pain relieving electrotherapy techniques or acupuncture with plenty of time for questions from you along the way. We will take the lead from you as to which approaches will work best for your specific circumstances.

Our 2 massage therapists, Tammy and Ruixue offer an amazing massage to release those muscles and improve blood flow. So whether it’s a pre/post event massage, deep tissue/sports massage or a more relaxing massage session you’re after, they will tailor it to exactly what you need. We can also offer Indian Head Massage or Aromatherapy so give the team a ring if you wish to discuss your individual needs.

Having the cross-over of staff between our 2 clinics means that our ethos of putting individual patients firmly at the centre of what we do and ensuring that our approach of being ‘hands on’ and supportive, remains strong and consistent.  The results of our patient satisfaction surveys (read more) is testament to us achieving this.

As a team, there is nothing we like better than watching someone leave our clinic more upright, with a spring in their step and a heart full of hope that they have found support to get back to all the things they love and need to do.

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We aim to be flexing our muscles even further over the next 10 years to reach even more of the lovely folk in Hilton and the surrounding areas so please do spread the word either with a share or just chatting with your friends and neighbours and a big thank you from us all for supporting a local, family run business.

Our aim is always to relieve your pain and to help you regain your full potential, whatever your lifestyle – our staff are here to support you every step of the way.

Please contact us on: Hilton Physio: 01283 777070

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