Pilates with a Twist

“Changing our bodies to improve their perceived imperfections,
or to please others, can see us trapped in a never-ending cycle.
An alternative option is not to change our bodies –
but rather to change the way we feel about them.”
Andrew Barnes – Awakening Within

My aim is to help people to:

Feel better about their bodies.

Learn to respect the fact that these bodies are always doing their best, despite the awful ways we treat them most of the time.

Better understand how their body really functions and dismiss many of the myths that we have been led to believe for decades.

Realise that exercise can be a fun and enjoyable part of everyday life, rather than being painful, repetitive, boring or requiring special equipment or a special location.

So, coming back to the quote above, my work can not only change the way you feel about your body, but also change the way your body looks and moves, so that the whole package of you as a person is happier and healthier.

Freedom and Mastery, rather than Control

I feel that once we let go of trying to ‘control’ our bodies, fluidity and ease of movement can start to return, and with them enjoyment in movement.

The more movement ‘options’ our body can access, the more pain-free, mobile, vital and strong it will look and feel. However, our modern lifestyles and habits tend to limit the body’s opportunities to access this freedom of movement. Pilates with a Twist aims to rectify this by re-introducing the body to as many forgotten options as possible.

Each part of the body is deeply connected with every other part – internal organs included. When moving naturally and healthily, all the elements of the body will work and move together, rather than in isolation.
You can experience this link between the different parts of the body for yourself in my classes.

I have a repertoire of over 100 exercises to keep your body happy, healthy, strong, and mobile, so you won’t get bored.

A Bit About Becky

I am fascinated by physical movement and love helping bodies to move
and function with more ease, grace and joy. Reducing aches and pains and hearing stories of what clients are now able to do, that they couldn’t do before, has always kept motivating me to do and learn more.

My passion and enthusiasm for my work is infectious and I have a great
ability to explain the complicated mechanics of the body in terms that my
clients can understand. Everything I do involves a strong attention to detail and is mixed with laughter, warmth and genuine enjoyment.

I teach educational, friendly, inclusive classes that are particularly suited to those who think that, for whatever reason, they are unfit for exercise.

I have been teaching movement since 2001.

Pilates with a Twist is…

… all about you and your body in that moment, on that day – understanding and respecting the changes that occur in us as a result of what’s going on in our lives. It’s about noticing what is going on in your body as you move.

… about coaxing the body into a new world view – one that is more free and able to tap into more potential. It is not about control. The more we can create a dialogue with our body and learn to understand it, the easier it is to live and work with it.

… about reconnecting you with your body after pain, injury or surgery.