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Becky Britchford

Becky Britchford

Pilates Teacher

Becky teaches what she calls Pilates with a Twist.

These classes are an opportunity to make friends with your body again and develop a healthier relationship with it. This can be particularly beneficial after pain, injury, illness or surgery.

The classes encourage the idea that movement can be fun and that respect for the body is crucial to our well-being. They mobilise stiff joints, improve balance, re-introduce good function and wake up the important stabilising muscles in all areas of the body.

Becky trained as a Personal Trainer in 2001 and added a Pilates Diploma (with the Pilates Institute) in 2004. Having taught Pilates in France and the UK for 4 years, she discovered and qualified in, Anatomy in Motion, which completely changed her thinking about the body and movement. Further varied reading, and the experience of a variety of other techniques, has led to the creation of Pilates with a Twist.

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