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What do we mean by sciatica? The word actually suggests irritation of the sciatic nerve which runs from the low back / lumbar spine through the buttock, into the back of the thigh, behind the knee and down into the calf and foot. We often imagine in these circumstances that the sciatic nerve is damaged/ pinched or trapped. This can indeed be the case, but a true ‘trapped nerve’ is likely to be compressing the lumbar nerve roots and will also likely be associated with change in sensation with areas of numbness or ‘pins and needles’ (paraesthesia) and some specific muscle weakness in one or both legs.

Nerve trapping or irritation can come from various causes including:

  • A prolapsed or herniated disc
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint enlargement/swelling
Knee & Sciatica Treatment
True sciatic pain is often described as ‘lancinating’ or a sort of electric shock stabbing pain. We don’t often feel nerve pain in our life and the intense quality of it is very distinctive and different to the pain of strains and sprains and even fractures. It is therefore rather unpleasant and really can be scary. The good news is that the vast majority of sciatica problems settle with time and the right advice and treatment – a physiotherapist can guide you through the process.

It is important to try to avoid excessive nerve irritation and to be on the right type of pain killers to allow you to keep moving and get some valuable sleep. Unfortunately, sciatic pains are often worse at night and finding a comfortable position can be a challenge in the initial stages.

As sciatica improves the pain often ‘centralises’ ie localises more to pain around the back and becomes less severe into the leg.

The term ‘sciatica’ is often used in general language for any leg pain that can be linked to a back problem. This is not always true sciatica but can be ‘referred pain’ where pain from the spine is misinterpreted by the brain as coming from the leg. This type of problem generally settles more easily and is often described as ‘mechanical’ or ‘simple’ back pain. Treatment is generally of a mechanical nature ie hands on treatment and/or exercise prescription alongside reassurance and support.

Whatever the cause and type of back related leg pain, the Physios at Ashbourne and Hilton Physio Centres have decades of experience and will be able to explain what type of problem you have and the best approach to treat. Should you need help with medication, further investigations, scans or even a surgical opinion, we have close links and relationships with local GPs and Consultants built up through being in business for over 35 years. We appreciate that every single case of sciatica is different and promise to treat you as an individual and not a ‘condition’.

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“A breath of fresh air’, wonderfully professional, and giving thoughtful expert advice, even on subjects not necessarily linked to the health problem being addressed; beyond the call of duty and nothing like what I had previously experienced locally.”

“As always kind caring really encouraging and understanding my arthritic problems.”

“Highly professional, in depth expertise, wonderful manner and engagement.”

“Ridiculously knowledgeable and helpful, I learn so much about my own body at every appointment.”

“I was treated in a very friendly and professional way, my therapist was respectful and made me feel at ease, she listened carefully and discussed my treatment and any questions I had in an understanding way.”

“Always listens and acts on my issues whilst ensuring I continue to make progress.”

“The appointment is always on time and runs smoothly and I am made to feel comfortable throughout; I feel I can trust the advice I am being given and know I am in safe hands.”

“I felt well attended to and every concern of mine was taken into consideration.”

“Provides me with motivation, positivity and involvement.”

“I was apprehensive but also so ready for this appointment! I was listened to whilst also having mini discussions through my assessment. My physio gave me clear instructions and demonstrated what I could do to help myself and the physio process. She explained all she was doing with my back/shoulder/neck asking me frequently how the area felt. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.”

“The appointment was very reassuring and helpful, giving me the confidence to resume my exercises and physical activities which mean so much to me.”

“Worthwhile consultation with knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapist, area of weakness identified and appropriate exercises given at time of appointment and followed up with additional information as promised via email same day.”

“I appreciate the consistency of care from being able to see the same person each visit rather than explaining things to different people each visit. I have always received excellent support and communication from my physio.”

“Reception is the best and most professional in the area, as I felt very comfortable and safe making and attending appointments.”

“Your reception team are doing a brilliant job and I as a disabled person with a lot of health problems feel 100% safe within the building.”

“I would certainly recommend you to anyone struggling with any muscular or skeletal problems etc . You have been the biggest help to me for many years Thankyou ….....”

“A very friendly professional service from all staff. Well organised appointment system, nothing is too much trouble. Everything is sparkling clean and I have no worries about cross infection from COVID . They make me feel so much better.”

“I am new to the practice and everything so far has been very impressive – telephone booking, online forms, appointment and care during it, and now the focus of this questionnaire. Thank-you.”

“All the reception staff are lovely and always so helpful. The facilities are always spotless and I have felt very safe coming to physio since covid-19,wearing a mask & using the gels especially being in the venerable category. Everything has always been first class from entering the building, physio & reflexology/aromatherapy treatments. Can’t fault it so thank you🙂.”

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