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Ruixue Chen

Ruixue Chen

Massage Therapist

I am a UK qualified Sports Massage and Holistic Massage Therapist with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sports Education.

I have been dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitation for many years. In China I worked as the Assistant Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the Sports Clinic at University where I gained my Physical Education Degree.

As a mother of two children, I have active life outside of work, I enjoy going for walks in the countryside, playing tennis and cooking nice food for my family and friends.

Special Interests

I enjoy watching clients recover from injuries with the help deep tissue massage and feel it is important to recognise that this does not have to be uncomfortable and should be a positive experience.

Having a wealth of experience of relaxation treatments means I can encompass Hot Stones, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy into your massage treatment plan. Massage really can boost that feeling of wellbeing!


Ruixue qualified as a Sports Massage and Holistic Therapist with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sports Education.   She hold a degree in Physiocal Education.

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