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image001-1Össur are a globally recognised business specialising in the use of non-invasive innovative orthopaedic solutions such as braces and supports. Using scientifically proven designs the business strives to continue delivering products at the forefront of innovation. With over 40 years of knowledge in the industry Össur continue to excel in the product of innovative orthotic and prosthetic solutions.

Össur are also proud to work with the world’s elite Paralympic athletes including Jonnie Peacock, Richard Whitehead and Jody Cundy. In the London 2012 Paralympic Games 7 out of 8 sprinters on the T44/T43 100m starting line were wearing Össur blades, with Össur’s very own Jonnie Peacock taking the gold medal.

In the field of orthotics, Össur continues to excel with the design and development of clinically proven products including the Unloader One and CTi knee brace as well as being the UK distributor of Bioskin® products. Bioskin® are manufacturers of orthopaedic solutions and compression supports, offering premium bracing and performance apparel globally. They differ from their competition by offering a bespoke and breathable material which differs greatly from neoprene alternatives.

The Unloader One knee brace is designed to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee, a degenerative condition which causes the breakdown of cartilage in the knee joint. This gradual breakdown can lead to bone on bone contact which causes the sufferer pain and can hinder their mobility. An innovative solution, the Unloader One works to reduce the pressure on the affected side of the knee to minimise bone on bone contact which can delay surgery and increase a person’s mobility.

Unloader One®

Osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the more common sources of knee pain and affects any age group, regardless of historical activity levels. The condition results in the gradual breakdown of cartilage within the knee joint leading to increased bone on bone contact. It is this bone on bone contact which causes pain to the sufferer and can affect mobility.

A breakdown in the knee joint cartilage can have an impact on mobility as a result of the pain felt, leaving the sufferer unable to undertake basic tasks. In more serious cases the sufferer can also be in pain when stationary, with one remedy being the use of painkillers and inflammatory tablets.

There are a number of potential solutions on offer to those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, both from a surgical and non-surgical perspective, with the former often being considered a last resort due to the scale of the operation.

The type of surgery offered depends largely on the severity of the condition, with partial and full knee replacements offered to remedy the problem. A full knee replacement is a serious operation and while it has a typical life span of up to 15 years it can take up to 6 months worth of rehabilitation following the operation before a patient is able to walk unaided.

In considering a non-surgical solutions there are both invasive and non-invasive options, the former typically consisting of prescription medicine as highlighted above. By taking painkillers and inflammatory tablets the patient can hope to increase their mobility, though the root cause of the problem is not tackled and the condition is will potentially degenerate further.

A more popular solution in the non-invasive bracket is the use of a knee brace, which can delay the need for surgery whilst increasing mobility. The Unloader One is specifically designed and clinically proven to help manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis. It works to offset the pressure on the affected side of the knee and minimise the bone on bone contact of the patient. This can result in a reduction in pain felt, thereby allowing an increase in mobility.

The Unloader One is clinically proven to aid mobility with patients and help offer a better quality of life through improved mobility. Light and moderate exercise is also beneficial for managing osteoarthritis due to the endorphins, or natural painkillers, released by body which can help to keep you active longer.

The Unloader One is a clinically prescribed knee brace, therefore must be prescribed by a qualified clinician.

Össur also works with performance athletes undertaking extreme sports including skiing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding with a focus on protecting the knee joint from injury. ACL injuries can be common in high intensity sports or as a result of injuries incurred through landing or crashing, all of which can result in a lengthy recovery period. The CTi knee brace was introduced with a rigid carbon fibre frame to protect and stabilise the knee joint to ensure that the joint alignment is maintained.


The CTi is worn by amateurs and professionals alike in the field of extreme and high impact sports. In the UK, sports stars include British Speedway Champion Tai Woffinden, wakeboarding champion Lee Debuse and motocross freestyle team Bolddog.

The CTi knee brace is a rigid carbon fibre frame which works to protect the knee joint and the associated ligaments by maintaining bone alignment and minimise unnatural movements. It is available in both Off The Shelf (OTS) and Custom versions.

The Custom version is designed to give you a close and comfortable fit, specifically made for you. The Custom is also available in a multitude of standard colours, but for something extra special and personalised you can opt to have a custom colour design created so you can really stand out. The CTi OTS version follows the same design as the Custom, but substitute’s part of the rigid structure for flexible subshells. By doing this it ensures the rigidity of the frame is maintained whilst providing a comfortable, close fit, for different sizes and shapes.

Professionals know the importance of staying fit and clear from injury, as injuries in the world of extreme sports can be severe and result in lengthy periods on the sidelines. The knee brace is worn by sports people who want to protect against ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL injuries covering sports from BMX to snowboarding. By wearing the CTi knee brace they can have the confidence to push themselves further and harder as they strive for success.

The knee brace is designed to protect the ligaments within the knee, the tough band of tissue which connects the bones at the knee joint. These ligaments can be damaged through various activities, with 40% of all ACL injuries occurring as a result of high impact sports. These sports are considered anything involving increased impact on the joints from tennis to football to motocross riding.

A damaged ligament results in the knee losing its natural stabilising mechanisms for movement. Surgery is often required to rectify the problem with a 90% success rate, though subsequently it is important to protect the knee to avoid a repeat of the injury.

For more information on the CTi and how it can benefit you or to arrange a consultation please contact us.

At Össur, Life Without Limitations is more than just a slogan; it has been a passion for close to forty years.  A global leader in orthopaedics, the Company employs the smartest minds and the most advanced technologies to help change lives. The end result is award-winning prosthetics, compression therapies, bracing and supports that make a real difference to people’s mobility.

Innovation with emphasis on clinical outcomes

Always at the forefront of innovation, delivering a wide range of products and services, Össur’s reputation has been built on scientifically-proven designs with the emphasis on clinical outcomes.

Core areas of expertise

Topping the list of Össur’s core areas of expertise are silicone and carbon composites. This specialist materials know-how also extends to textiles, particularly those used in compression therapy. And in the last decade, Össur’s accumulated skills and knowledge have produced cutting edge bionic technology, arguably the most significant advance to date in the international orthopaedic arena.

A long-standing and dynamic relationship with medical professionals and product users, plus sustained investment in research and new technology, continues to produce some of the most effective, non-invasive mobility solutions on the market today.

Clinical services

Private Patients Referral Pathway

Working in partnership with a nationwide network of clinics, Össur are now able to refer private patients for brace fittings and assessments for their highly effective ligament and osteoarthritis.

ACL and OA knee Unloader Braces

Ashbourne Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre is the approved authorised fitter for Össue Uk Ltd in the area.

We have joined forces with Össur UK to be the assessment and fitting service for their knee braces in the East Midlands. Their braces are often recommended by the Derby consultants – we have samples at the clinic if anyone is interested in viewing them.

If you require a professional brace fitting or knee assessment, contact Össur 08450 065 065 to arrange a referral, or email ukreferrals@ossur.com.

If you wish to see the full range of products and services available from Össur UK, visit their website on www.ossur.co.uk

Working in partnership with a nationwide network of clinics, Össur are now able to refer private patients for brace fittings and assessments for their highly effective ligament and osteoarthritis.

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